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  • Our internship program is a dual program offered by both The Small Business Factory and Backstage Development.
  • Interns will have a very unique and important opportunity to work as part of a team that helps start up and develop companies and other projects, most of which are in the music industry. Interns will have unlimited potential to come up with ideas, voice their ideas, and possibly even see their ideas come to life.
  • Interns will meet twice a week with company representatives to learn about project objectives, brainstorm, and present their findings and ideas. In between meetings, students are expected to do the necessary research and work, sometimes individually and sometimes as part of smaller teams, and then present their findings and ideas at the next meeting, after which the whole team will discuss and brainstorm on how to proceed.
  • Due to the nature of the work, interns should expect there to be a lot of research and data gathering.



  • Interns’ majors or minors should focus on one or more of the following areas:
    • Music Business
    • Business Startup/Entrepreneurship
    • Technology – Systems
    • Marketing – General
    • Marketing – Sales/Fundraising
    • Marketing – Website Development
    • Marketing – Copywriting
    • Accounting
    • Legal – Entertainment/Contract Law
  • Requirements: Each intern must
    • be able to meet twice per week.
    • be responsible enough to put in another 10-12 hours per week on their own and/or as part of a smaller team.
    • must have a reliable laptop and be able to do online meetings as needed in addition to in-person meetings
    • must be willing to sign a Non-Disclosure / Non-Compete Agreement
  • Preferences:
    • Junior, Senior or recent grad
    • Interest in both the spring and summer semester internship program is a plus, but not required.
  • Benefits / Perks:
    • Internship is unpaid, however interns will receive a percentage of fundraising income.
    • Interns get to be a part of actually starting up businesses and making a difference in the community and
    • Interns get to explore different facets of the music industry and have unlimited potential for finding and networking with companies they may be interested in working for.
    • There is potential for recommendation to work at area’s top club.
    • Interns can get a comp ticket to a few select shows per semester at local club.
    • College credit available.

* Note: Each intern will be evaluated and possibly given other opportunities. The more an intern puts into it, the more likely the intern will be offered additional opportunities.



  • To apply, fill out the form below and email your resume in pdf format to


Internship Application

Internship Application


If you are interested in working for us, please email your resume in pdf format to

The Small Business Factory is an organization that helps individuals start up and manage their small businesses. We take a holistic project management approach by looking at and offering assistance with almost all facets of small business management including, legal formation, accounting, marketing, and technology setup and support.


Backstage Development is a sister company of The Small Business Factory that also offers business-side support to artists and small music businesses but also has the following goals:
  • To research and discover what local area artists most need in order to grow here as an artist.
  • To develop programs and a support system for the local artists.
  • To form an umbrella of local service providers that work towards helping artists and the local music industry.
  • To research and discover what local service providers need in order to be able to help local artists; to build a support system for the service providers.
  • To find success stories and develop a learning environment for all.
  • To build a much better networking infrastructure then what the DC area currently has.