About Us - The Small Business Factory
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About Us


For over two decades I have worked with many small businesses across various industries. I have worked with bands as they try to handle the business side of their career.  And I have worked with individuals with a passion they wish they could turn into a livelihood.


The needs became obvious. A group of services all under one roof, at affordable rates, and offered in a way that the non-business person / creative-type could understand.


The Small Business Factory is a group of carefully selected individuals, each with our own specialty and each with a background that allows us to understand the needs of a small business. Collectively, we help you with “all that other stuff” so that you can spend more time on what you do best. We focus on the big picture and help you map out clear paths for achieving your business goals.


I look forward to working to you.


Best Wishes,


Dani Weymouth



  • Inspire those with passions to turn them into something off which they can earn a living and not have to work a job he/she doesn’t enjoy doing just to pay the bills.

  • Bring together all the resources one needs to make this happen under one roof so that you aren’t stuck having to hire a multitude of consultants and/or use a variety of services.

  • Look at your project and goals in entirety and work to make sure all the pieces work together efficiently and effectively so you can spend less time on all that “other stuff”.

  • Educate you along the way so that you can be more self-sufficient and more knowledgeable, comfortable, and confident in your business decisions.

  • Work with you step by step and provide motivation, leadership skills, project management, and organization tools to help guide you along the way so you don’t get “stuck” especially during those overwhelming times.

  • Provide affordable options so that even those starting with nothing can still get the help they need.

What They Say